Free Waste Cooking Oil Removal For The Mid-Ohio Valley Area


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we protect the environment by picking up your used cooking oil!

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waste cooking oil removal for the Mid-Ohio valley area

Welcome To Alternative Fuels Research Group

What Do We Do?

Quite Simply, We provide FREE oil and grease recovery service
To any restaurant in our coverage areas and Convert it into Fuel

What we can do for you?

Alternative Fuels Group would like you to join our Waste Oil to Fuel Program. In other words, we are interested in collecting your used cooking oil.  In fact, we will even pay a minimal fee for high volume, high-quality oil.

Alternative Fuels Group offers a range of customer-oriented services that can benefit your business:

· Free scheduled collection

· A grease collection container at no cost to you

· Special pickup service as needed

· Recognition of your business through our website and other media as a “Green Restaurant”

If you would like to register with the Fry Oil to Fuel Program and have us collect your used oil for free

Please call us Toll Free at (866) 357-6990

Why Choose Alt Fuels Group?

recycle used cooking oil

Most grease collection companies sell the recycled oil to feedlots and cosmetic companies, whereas Alternative Fuels Group refines it into Biodiesel. This high-quality, locally-made and renewable fuel is used by our own tow trucks and other local vehicles. It reduces air pollution as well as our dependency on foreign oil.

recycle used cooking oil

Best of all you don’t have to sacrifice service to become a greener business. We provide prompt professional service to all of our customers large or small. If you have a problem day or night, help is only a phone call away.

recycle used cooking oil

What makes us different from other recovery services is what happens after your used cooking oil is picked up. While some renders just clean and resell the oil to other industries or countries, Alt Fuels Group recycles 100% of the oil collected into clean burning Biodiesel. Every gallon of Biodiesel we produce from used cooking oils and grease feed stocks equals one less gallon of petroleum diesel fuel on the streets of North America.

recycle used cooking oil

Along with much lower green house gas emissions, Biodiesel produced from recycled cooking oils does not impact our global food supplies. By recycling waste oil products we insure less food crops are diverted to produce biofuels. Currently the majority of recovered cooking oil in the U. S. is sold on the open market to the highest bidders. In some cases this is local animal feed producers or soap and cosmetics companies, but much of this oil is exported to Europe where it's highest value is in the production of Biodiesel.

recycle used cooking oil

We believe in keeping it local, reducing crude oil imports and emissions in the U.S.  2007 estimates show U.S. restaurants generate about 25 billion gallons of waste cooking oil each week. Help us convert your waste product into a cleaner burning fuel on the streets of your local community.


It's Time To Kick The Crude Habit..